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Why Scotland needs a strong group of SNP MPs

Annabelle with her mother Winnie Ewing at the 40th anniversary Hamilton by-election dinner, with brother Fergus Ewing, Community Safety Minister, and First Minister Alex Salmond.

Annabelle with her mother Winnie Ewing
and First Minister Alex Salmond.

AT this election Scotland can be the winner. Forget the phoney war between the London parties, what our nation needs is a strong team of Scottish MPs in the House of Commons – a team of SNP MPs who will stand up for their local area and protect the interests of the people of Scotland.

So why vote for the SNP’s Annabelle Ewing? Like her mother before her, Annabelle proved herself an uncompromising defender of Scotland during her years as MP for Perth. The SNP is Scotland’s Party and here at home, and in the parliament in London, we offer Scotland the strongest voice.

SNP MPs will always fight Scotland’s corner. We are of Scotland and for Scotland and work hard for the communities we represent. When the SNP is successful, the London parties listen and that is crucial for our nation in the tough years ahead.

The London parties all offer the same thing – a dismal vision for our nation based on cuts and very different priorities. Tune into the election programmes, listen to the debates, and whether it is Tory, Labour or Liberal, they aren’t talking about Scotland or the issues that matter most to people here. They aren’t offering the solutions and ideas that can improve the quality of life for our families, neighbourhood and nation. For them Scotland is at best a second thought. They are more interested in their big battles than the needs of our communities. Our nation deserves better.

So at this election, with your help, we can make sure local communities get the best representation in London and that Scotland is heard. That is important on polling day, and even more important once the votes are counted and decisions are being taken at Westminster. Scotland’s voice must not be missing, because if it is, people across Scotland – our neighbours and colleagues, our family and friends – will lose out. As a party and as Scotland’s government, our focus is first and foremost on winning the best deal for Scotland. We are working hard for economic recovery and new jobs and opportunities for our nation. We are ambitious for you and your family and confident in Scotland’s ability to succeed, now and with independence. We know, with the right approach, as long as we are not held back, our nation will once again prosper.

And after the downturn, we are focused more than ever on building the stronger, more successful nation we know Scotland can be. These elections are about giving you, your local area and Scotland the strongest possible voice in the decisions that will be taken in London.

Only SNP MPs will speak up for your Scottish values. With your support we can step up efforts to save local post offices. We can make a more powerful case to scrap the £5 billion ID card project and the £100 billion replacement for Trident so we can instead protect the vital local services we all rely on. These are important elections. Too often it is the hard working people and families who are left out and forgotten.

This time, Scotland’s voice can be heard.

Alex Salmond, SNP Leader